AKEZ Bike Rear Shock Absorber


AKEZ Bike Rear Shock Absorber

Category: Akez Ebike Parts

Item: Akez electric bike shock suspension

Model: S1 & S2 | 1500W KingKong | Taoci V07 | Akez Jaguar

Rear shock absorber for Akez e-bikes models.

Thicker hydraulic design reduces vibration for a smoother ride.

Enhances stability and maneuverability, essential for off road electric bikes.

Pre-tensioned spring force and precise adjustment for long-lasting performance.

Note: Taoci V07 shock absorber comes with a pair for rear suspension

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AKEZ Electric Bike Shock Absorber

S1 S2 Ebike Shocks Absorber

akez s1 s2 shock absorber suspension

Shocks Absorber for 1500W electric bike

akez kingkong rear shock absorber

Akez electric bike Shocks Absorber

Off road electric bike Absorber

akez v07 bike

Fat tire electric bike Shocks

akez ja1 bike shock absorber

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S1 S2, JA1, KingKong, V07


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