AKEZ electric bike review S1

It’s the review from Everything E-bike. If you want check the origin video, please click here.


I wanted a super 73 e-bike until I saw the price. So I found a $999 super 73 clone AKEZ S1 bike!


The delivery process was simple, from order to delivery it took five days. FedEx delivered it right to my front door. The Box arrived without any damage there were no missing parts.



What’s in the box


In the Box we’ve got the nice frame with the seat and rear wheel already installed.

we’ve got the handlebars with a nice headlight.

it’s a 20 *4.0 inch Fat Tire with plastic fender for the front.

it’s a 48 bolt 13 amp battery it also has a 48 volt 2 amp charger. They are both FCC and CE approved.

It comes with a set of keys comes with this little chain lock which is small comes with some nice metal pedals that do have ball bearings, a little tool kit for assembling.




How to assemble AKEZ S1?


let’s go ahead and get the handlebars installed with the display, and then we’ll get the front wheels and the pedals, last is install the battery.


so the AKEZ S1 is fully assembled, it’s a really sharp looking bike even without instructions.

I was able to assemble the S1 with the tools supplied in under 30 minutes my first impressions.